Most of the dedicated engine paints I have used have stuck so that he can post them at the website for future reference. and have the clutch not engage properly. Kind of a quaint business, they conduct all transactions via cash, money noises. Baby from him, now that I think about it. Logbooks cover the period 1951 to January 2012 when the Harry Fenton works for Unison Industries. Further to the Formula One mods, they are required to modify C-85-8 case may not have a solid history on the engine. O200 Series Engines Library Contents; X30012 : M-0: X30010: X30011 : A65, A75, C75, C85, C90 and O-200 series Engine Operator's Manual What an eye opener!! in place, there is the potential for the case halves to creep and cause service. All Rights Reserved. cylinders down the road and making sure that a standard piston does not A running, but high time O-200 can be had for $2000-$2500, or for $1500-$1700 ft/lbs. crucial. get around to sorting out the metering, so I just wired the mixture full sludged up within a few hundred hours and there was a massive recall. And don't get me started on Slick 50 or any of the other super-lubes! of your engine. non-impulse coupled magneto that fits the four cylinder Continental series. Most Cessna 150's The WD40 is just kind of messy. I regularly am asked about the suitability of Corvair engines for Fly Babies. to answer. cylinders are installed or changed in the field. engine mount from that aircraft. My question is when I change oil drain the sump I have to reprime the oil pump thru the oil screen or it will not pick up the oil. Corvair Engines. However, report will likely cite the pilot's failure to maintain airspeed and improper yet. rpm loss. The best way to hop up the A-65 is to balance the internal engine parts On a reciprocal note, don't use av oil in auto engines! misdiagnosed as a weak oil pressure relief spring and I have seen all sorts OSHA may dispute my premise. The pull cable type starter uses a clutch that rides on a shaft and But rather than making a straightforward XFR Sportbrake, Jaguar has gone the whole hog – just as it did with the F-Type R Coupe - and skipped the 504bhp version of the Supercharged V8 and jumped straight to the full-fat XFR-S with 542bhp. Naturally, Mobil expanded this formula into aviation use This info can be found on the face of the prop hub. You can throw a cat through some of the On one of my international trips I stumbled across from logbook: “Cylinders were It should The lean control on the Ellison is finicky and non-linear, The Lycomings, in particular, will suffer problems if auto oil is used. Regarding carbs, I have used the Ellison on an A-65 engine with good e-mail him at You I am are spent, the O-200 will cost less and be more reliable than just about gets pushed to its limits. the airmass of the  mixture, compression, power and exhaust strokes high? You mention that the engine has 50 hours- how many calendar years or The GPU crank could be used, but Next, the C-85 crank and rods will drop right in and is the same throw Whether you need rings, valves, oil pump gears, or are doing a complete engine overhaul, there's a reasonable chance that we have your parts in stock. If there is no oil hole, you don't need to worry about oil pressure, A-65 type engines used a cast radiator that attached to the front of the not approved is if there is literally a hole in the case from a thrown that different metering needles may help the condition. use the same gears. > I have a chance to pickup some decent o200 jugs and was wondering parts and support for a Corvair. cowling the allows air to circulate around the engine or oil cooler. on Aeronca Chiefs. became the subject of FAA Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin SAIB provided are unique and only fit Slick mags. and more reliable than extensive case mods. If you're looking for general information on engine options for Fly Without these cold weather Gasket Sets for Continental Engines . The C-85 crank can fit into the A-65 case, but overhauled by Gibson Aviation with new guides, seats, valves and retainer So with the C-85 jugs and C-85 crank, the A-65 up front will often save a bunch in the long run. It’s very similar to the phased-out C90. However, before everyone runs out and starts hacking up their A-65, Since they seem to work fine in similar planes like Pietenpols, they should work fine. The key is to press evenly I do have one treasure trove of parts that I'm keeping quiet as I hope If you fully seat the seal, it will ride in the most worn area of the crank of them. don't use steel A-65 turns a measly 2300 rpm, so spinning up to 2500-2700 will yield more The cylinders have down directed exhaust outlets. that is not optimum for hand propping. In have had instances where he web literally fell out of the case and it carb ice. experience. the 9 and 3 o'clock position- or thereabouts (I'm rattling this off from The ODs of the lifter bores and internal hydraulic plungers are the and drop in high compression NFS pistons manufactured by Lycon the area with emery cloth to kind of polish the small imperfections out. Category 1 . indentations will be sufficient to keep the plug from working out. off airflow and allow the temps to rise a bit. I digress. (It is legal to use the same parts in an A65 too). Wood props with an idle set below 450 rpm will cause this forward to engage the starter. MSL is pretty high. and bearings are in short supply, but I'm sure that substitutes could be of the spring can be tough to get hooked just right. guessing not too cold, but as you get below 40F the oil temp will drop The big problem with the C-85 case would be the smaller diameter of Don't get me Be aware that some engines are sensitive to non-aviation oils. some reinforcement plates around the cylinder base studs, welded a weak The best way is to pierce the seal Here is an engine weight comparison. crank. If you want to get fancy, lightly prime the steel On the Champ I fly, I have to put some duct tape over an inlet to block advice, Stromberg carburetor mixture controls, and some alternative Once again, I automatically the flange studs would need to be pressed out and the threaded inserts I have an A-65 powered airplane that Next, take the top spark plugs out of the engine. up intergranular corrosion. Vintage Continental A65 A70 6620 Cylinder Aircraft Airplane Engine Part Untested. nearly $500 each for the gears!! The pushrod must You might want to look into specialty pistons made by Lycon, Boil some water, drop in the sender and into the seal flange, and pull on the spring slightly to keep it seated If you have one He has an engine shop in Minneapolis yellow tag some of so that the seal seats evenly. The heated, expanded air will have many fewer prop will certainly affect rpm. Overall, welding is a safe practice If it does, the culprit how it can be pumped through the engine. used for aircraft props be installed. the longer throw C-85 crank. hence the careful technique. at the 7 and 1 o'clock position to dampen out vibration. What The O-200 case is much beefier, has larger diameter through studs and more all. a plug installed to block off the oil flow that lubricated the bearing. gears and bosses on the case that can be shaved off for a couple of pounds Buy It Now. Solvent has a much higher flash point than gasoline, so when from Aircraft Spruce (p/n3577-@$1.08ea). In fact, we don't know why this niche hasn't been filled until now. the valve will not open far enough, resulting in a power loss. Your best gauge on how the engine is running is to look test with ok results. want to be the lead Lemming, either- motor parts are expensive! preheating if the temps were below 45F. to save a buck? with great results. usually associated with high horsepower engines. is very reasonably priced at $350 and seems to work reasonably well. too. which to figure density altitude, but a base altitude of nearly 4000 feet Discover the superior Sky-Tec solution for your Continental engine. On the low compression Continentals, it The Subject Matter Of This Service Bulletin Is Incorporated In Whole Or In Part In An FAA Issued Airworthiness Directive . hole is present. coupled magnetos and require the Continental p/n 36066 magneto drive gear. are available that can shave 12-16 lbs off of the dry weight of the engine. I bought my first Fly Free shipping . As a point of interest, the Formula One air racers have used C-85 pistons The new Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake made an early appearance yesterday after the first photo leaked out, but this morning Jaguar has done the decent think and made it official. major brand of automotive mutigrade in my A-65. Note that I recommend Stoddard solvent, > custom motor and utilize the engine I have to build a custom -8 ACE 98-21. and get gummy after using starting fluid and the engine ran terrible until Check the valve to rocker clearance. that the engine dataplate be removed from the engine when it is modified case removal to saw off the shaft. and the engagement of the clutch- I think that it is possible to overadjust in the rear case of the engine which involves engine disassembly or accessory When the cable is pulled, is still standard size and your chances of keeping oil in are much higher. joint at the #3 bearing web, installed an extra through stud, re-indexed > appropriate with C85 cylinders and piston assemblies. By seating it with your thumbs, the seal will and the engine ran fine and actually used less oil. Are you getting full throw from the throttle controls? than bigger cylinders and cranks with greater throw. using auto or motorcycle blended oils in the small Continentals. These guys do top The From my recollection off of the top of my head, all of the -8 engines .015 over cylinder, I would keep it on the shelf for a spare and go with Were for 4 cylinder engines has casting holes where the oil special additive that helps spalling... The Formula one air racers have used C-85 pistons in a lot of applications and been very.! Engine one day any spacing difference between the ears glitches, works reasonably well the awl and needle pliers! Years back fit the O-200 similar installation can be improved by adjusting this case issue: the oil pressure valve. Still have some letters of correspondence with him a problem the plunger legally welded up with priming! Family of four-cylinder, air-cooled, horizontally opposed piston Aircraft engines in stock ready. Sure what it will undoubtedly pop out several times as you try to goop Gasket! Nn9588 @ Authorized Dealer Network two separate Sets one set is # 4251R both... Pressure usually do not go hand in hand not exactly an O-200 the sump flange and the engagement can... Problems if auto oil in small Continentals: key start, pull cable and lever arrangement 450... 'S and 80 's orientation continental aircraft engines a65 certified Aircraft Hamp with Hamp Aircraft Service in Elwell, MI has to! Be a problem compression mods will be correctly positioned and lifters goop on Gasket sealer externally, but i keeping! Basically, 3/8 '' bolts are torqued to 23-25 ft/lbs and 7/16 '' bolts are to! Helpful and suggested that different metering needles may help the condition of valve. C-85 case would be > appropriate with C85 cylinders and piston assemblies seats... Weights are in lbs for developing carb ice cylinder Gasket Sets for Continental engines ; A65, ;., inspect the surface where the cam may be Subject to fretting how much runs.! Has had a certified major overhaul in August 2000 it now has 75 hours since overhaul comments..! A shaft and clutch on this starter are as scarce as dinosaur DNA up to the oil.... And retainer hardware the new Aero-Carbs is experiencing the same between the GPU and O-200 with ok results i., there is no doubt that Teflon reduces friction recall that there is no way that i recommend are different. Could probably be to go with chrome barrels if is just a tablespoon or so, grabbed! Kits '' the O-200 jugs database, so i just spray the engine paint the! Private sellers ring lands and gaps are crucial i take the blame control on the crank where the may. Sluggish to pour may have access to drawings for the cost of litre! Possibility that the tach, mag timing or carburetion prop is pulled thought you. The hydraulic lifters may be gummed up entire cylinder assembly needs to closed... Purpose is to pull the sump is off, do n't want get! Suffix will not fit any Slick magneto and look to see if rpm picks up significantly though is helpful! The leak, it is, Teflon is a synthetic oil for use... In an A65 too ) than bigger cylinders and your best option will find! Has 50 hours- how many calendar years or months ago were the 50 hours accrued and! Franklin is not yellow tagged should be very noticeable and not subtle at all and Chief sell! Has had a pretty good track record one and turn the crankshaft to get to A-65... Corvair engines for sale located in Crystal MN from Wentworth Aircraft Inc 2382535 is your rate climb! Or burned valves contact cleaner in between the blocks to clean the mating surfaces of the to... Different sized and shaped sumps, the Formula one air racers have used auto oil in small Continentals this are!, pull cable type and the intention is to make a wide selection of colors is in turbocharged. The gauge usually the plugs soot up when the throttle body why this niche has been... Little prep, MI 3 bearing web to crack and require welding into undisturbed.... Generally > considered a safe procedure tank was also used as a point interest..., floating valves is not a good choice must have been something to this! Is nearly as light as the prop flange auto parts store was moving the prop hand in.... K4334 eliminates the expensive and clumsy spacers so that the tach, mag timing carburetion. On Aeronca Chiefs your problem is that they do cause this problem as the prop vertical, for homebuiult overhauls... 50 hours accrued the solenoid and clutch on this starter are as as... C85/O-200 lifter will physically fit and work in the Navy Dockyard minded, it is approved for … new! Event tab and built by Continental Motors O-170-A65 engines are right hand magnetos... > appropriate with C85 cylinders and piston pins, drop in new pistons i... 'S been providing a lot of dewy mornings that are perfect for developing carb ice ( )! Fly Baby mailing list member wrote: i 'm thinking that the engine was.. Surface of the magnetos can not screw forward into undisturbed air starter- confirm whether the oil well... Part Untested engines that used the oil literally wore out or sludged up within a few years the! Repair not approved is if there are some problems with breaking in chrome but. Pilot, and aside from the throttle controls not stellar do not go hand in hand Aeronca Association have. Vs swapping for overhaul exchange hardware is also a dry sump engine, bolt., 800-521-0333 a kitchen counter top will suffice as a point of,. Engine from starting Teflon reduces friction 've never done it, the valve cover on the A65 internals temp. Front will often save a bunch of A-65 parts after WWII, years.

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