Besides, Romania is absolutely beautiful and full of great places to visit, lots of monasteries, old churches, heavenly places in the mountains that looks almost unreal, great summer vacation places by the Black Sea etc. Your email address will not be published. The base salary stars at around 520 Euros (take home), but there are many factors that can increase it, from studies to how long the person has worked in the field, and other bonuses (nigh shifts and so on). In 2014, the minimum gross salary in Romania is : From January 2014 : 850 RON (about 190 EUR) From July 2014 : 900 RON (about 200 EUR) Is there an area in Romania which is a hub of IT activity? You should pay attention to see if 500 Euros is what you take home or the salary before taxes. How much one should earn with 15+ years of experience in IT. Minimum Salary in Bucharest, Romania. There are three categories of the minimum salary in Romania. EUR 430), while the minimum gross salary for employees who have graduated from university studies and who have at least one (1) year of work experience in the field of their studies will be set at RON 2,350 (approx. I found this www by Chance when searching for information concerning wages in Romania. At a meeting on December 7th, the Romanian government approved an increase in the country’s minimum gross salary. A concern that I have is this: I like living in a more rural area, in the countryside. Also the growth is not spectacular whatsoever in the case of the minimum wage. So consider them more like guidelines – outdated 2016 numbers combined with unofficial sources that I managed to find and estimations. Regarding a luxury property in Bucharest… these can get pretty expensive. EUR 490). I already told you about the cable TV fiasco. Me, I’d be satisfied (back in the day) working for a successful IT company where I’d be some support role–like an office manager (being obsessive–compulsive helps;-)). Thanks again for your interesting insights Calin! nice to hear this, I accidentally bumped into this blog. As of 2020, the gross minimum wage peaked at 2,230 Romanian lei. Thus, Romania does not look bad at all, with a gross minimum salary increased by … Have you ever been to Chișinău, Moldova? Sheesh! From all my research, (on paper and from afar unfortunately! I am constantly updating this article throughout the year(s) and it will always have the latest data available. Sorry if this offends you. From what I observed, Romania is much safer than US, you just need to use your best judgment of places you visit but rural towns are actually pretty safe because everyone knows everyone by name and everything, my mom lives in a small town and she knows everyone by name. I can buy a Dacia car in the UK for about 80% of the price in Romania, where they are made. As you can see I am very positive person hehe…. If we look at the minimum salary in Romanian new lei, which is the official currency in Romania, we can see that, this year, it was 2,230 Romanian new lei and accordingly, the national minimum wage has been raised 150 Romanian new lei per month from the previous year, 7.21%. You need to have some business going if you need to work while living there. Beautiful countryside, friendly people, low crime, and one of the lowest costs of living are hard to beat. If you have to pay for food and accommodation, most of your salary (if not all) would be spent to cover these two costs. 1. And unfortunately, cost of living increases are a joke. Minimum salaries in Romania for the year 2019. Average compensation per employee grew by 10% in 2016 When I moved to Australia I promise myself once I get my citizenship I will travel to Romania and finally I did the trip to Romania about 3 months ago and once I come back from Romania to Australia! So, this is why so many retirees are starting to consider less expensive living options all over the world, and even those with a decent amount put away in savings & retirement accts are afraid. I’m actually doing research on higher education in Romania. They would bring money and jobs and probably much higher standards of health care for all Romanians with them. Thanks for the salary update! How much is scope for IT in Romania. The median salary is 9,340 RON per month, which means that half (50%) of the population are earning less than 9,340 RON while the other half are earning more than 9,340 RON. If you want to read a more in-depth look at the cost of living in Romania, you can check out my latest article on this matter. The problem is not with the average wage, which grows consistently, but with the minimum one which should be at least 50% of the average one. Are the gypsies a concern in the countryside? Pursuant to the Government Decision approved at the Government meeting of 7 December, starting with the 1st of January 2019, the minimum wage guaranteed at national level without any increments or other additions, is proposed to be of 2,080 Lei/ month for a normal full working schedule of 167,333 average hours a month, representing 12.43 … An interesting thing to note about the average salary in Romania is that it kept growing – slowly but steadily – over the past few years. As a visitor from the UK many things like food are cheaper, but other things are stupidly expensive. This is up to you to decide, but what I can say is that it would be a very good salary by Romanian standards. The current minimum salary is RON 1900 (around EUR 408) and from January 1st, 2019, it will be RON 2080 (approximately EUR 447). Finding a job in Romania – especially if you don’t speak the language – could prove difficult to say the least. I always had dream to travel to Romania!!! An interesting thing about the average salary in Romania in 2020 is this: even though the minimum wages have seen spectacular increases lately, the average wages didn’t follow the same trend. ), very few countries in the world, can compare with Romania’s overall appeal to expats, if you can get deal with four seasons (& cold winters), and the bureaucracy of establishing residency. It’s simple, because people are living longer, and often trying to maintain the same lifestyle they had when they were working and making a good income, and their savings could be gone a lot faster than they planned. Shohel, I discussed this in a previous comment. It’s not a guarantee – some are earning less – but it is possible for sure. In 2020. Most likely, it will be the minimum salary, which is around $325. The average … Now if I could just discipline myself to learn the Romanian language! Thanks for giving us a good picture of life in Romania. Regarding the other question – no, you can’t visit other countries with a Romanian visa. Another thing to consider when thinking about average wages is that the numbers are usually bigger in larger cities (Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj, Constanta, Timisoara etc) and get closer to the minimum in the smaller cities. Graph 2: Unit labour cost decomposition. This seems crazy considering the average salary in UK is about 4x Romanian salary. There’s a long list that needs updating, but I’m taking them one at a time. The farther you go away from the cities, the bigger the culture shock will be. I’m looking at more stable stats when deciding the average wage – creating the average of the past 12 months and not looking just at the past month. I imagine there would be a big difference in wages (state hospitals vs private). All the best. Nice article! But as I said, as long as there’s growth, things are good, right? Right now, these voices seem to have been right: prices are rising in Romania, inflation is also pretty high, the exchange rates for EUROS and USD are reaching new highs each day and things don’t look that good. Obviously, living on minimum wage would be very difficult for a single person, so a budget of at least 1,000 Euros per month would be recommended (especially if you have to pay for accommodation). Best Regards, JC. I am curious about your thoughts, thanks. For this particular employees, the minimum gross wage is 3 000 RON and special provisions are applied based on the Romanian legislation. Conclusion: The take home minimum wage in Romania depends on your studies, experience and field of work. So i have seen alot of change. Starting 1 January 2019, the minimum gross salary in Romania will increase to RON 2,080 (approx. What Is the Minimum and Average Salary in Romania in 2020? Right now it looks impossible to me to visit (there are so many factors involved) however I have faith that I will visit again my native country. Insurance and private pensions: 4,309 RON (900 Euros per month)5. You said the average wage was 625 Euros in 2020; that value was correct only lets say until March 2019, other than that it grew past it. I think it’s every where in the world are like that! Wow, that’s indeed a big amount of money to spend on a monthly basis! We are 3 years experienced workers (from EPZA Cavite Philippines) and our salary is 2600 RON, with free accommodation provided by the Company itself .. It may even be a bit higher yet not very much. Romania is battling for last place with Bulgaria in terms of lowest wages in the European Union (and last time I checked, Romania was a bit over Bulgaria). Median Salary. It has grown nicely in the past 14 years , Excellent post, with 2020 figures. We also have other affiliate partners that work in a similar way, but you, as a buyer, will not spend more by making purchases through our links. How is the education system? I’m Bangladeshi. Reply to: Teil B Jorgensen The ‘Silicon Valley’ of Romania is Cluj from IT perspective, I remember I saw some TV news stating that, the potential is high and the it jobs are growing. I’ve never been to Chisinau, but from what I’ve heard, Molodova is even poorer than Romania as they didn’t have the EU to pour funds into them for the past several years. Now, things are a bit more complicated because the government has introduced THREE types of minimum salaries, depending on the experience level and studies each individual has, but also the field of work. This increase is greater than the CPI of 2019 which was 4%, so workers have gained buying power in the last year. I am a Filipino citizen, me and my wife both applied to a Romanian company for fruit packaging job and the Company already secured our job, then we ourselves secured entry visa for Romania which is a work permit visa. I do hope that you get the chance to return and see the country again. I’m not trying to say it’s as difficult in the U.S. for it’s low income citizens, as it is in Romania or elsewhere. In 2020, the national minimum wage in Romania remained fixed at 466.2 € per month, that is 5,594 euros per year, taking into account 12 payments per year. Plus, they would not think twice about coming onto your property and stealing your stuff. Do you think I can find a job that comes with good salary? How does it compare with Bucharest? John, I was born in Romania and got married at 27 to a great guy from OK. I’ve been here for over 20 years, but I visit my siblings and mom every 2 years. it could be construction visa. Average salaries in Romania have increased a bit compared to previous years, with some industries recording higher earnings than others. Thanks for sharing your resource, it’s definitely going to be helpful to people planning to move to Bucharest. Think about large corporations and IT and you have a clear picture! The salary range for people working in Romania in Top Management is typically from 3,028.00 RON (minimum salary) to 14,968.00 RON (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).. The minimum wage in Romania went up almost four times in the last 10 years, from RON 540 (EUR 115) in 2008 to RON 2,080 (EUR 442) in 2019, much faster than the average gross salary. Detailed salary report based on career, education, experience, gender, age etc. wow. The salary range for people working in Romania in Management is typically from 2,955.00 RON (minimum salary) to 9,634.00 RON (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).. I am sitting here in my father’s assisted living retirement home in California which is costing him $6000 a month, I kid you not. IT seems to be the highest paying career all over. Anyway. How’s the weather? Effective January 1, 2020, the minimum monthly salary for foreign workers in non-graduate roles in Romania will increase to RON 2,230, up 7.2 percent from 2019. Minimum Wages in Romania decreased to 460.77 EUR/Month in the third quarter of 2020. Enjoyed this very much i have many friends in Romania and love the country. Is it like that or have things gotten better? The poor will always have a tough life no matter where they live. These three salaries do complicate things a little bit in my opinion, but the change has been made already. I remember reading an article a while ago about Noble prize winners who would not be allowed to become University teachers in Romania because they would not meet the silly criteria teachers must meet (not that any Noble prize winner wanted to start teaching in Romania…). I pray daily that I get another chance to visit Romania again. We always tell people, and considering what you write this seems true, this will provide a reasonable and doable standard of living in a city like Bucharest and you should manage to maintain yourself. I know this may sound offensive, but from what I’ve heard from my wife, gypsies can be very dangerous if you are away from the city crowds. The minimum salary in Romania might be raised if calculated based on the inflation rate and the consumer price index, Liberal PM Ludovic Orban has announced. I also thinking about studying Romanian Language at University! I am graduated. Hi Calin: Long time, no hear–ha, ha! I assure you that actual cost of living in the U.S. will increase a lot more than $4 a month this year. I have actually been going there since the year 2000. Salaries vary drastically among different job positons. As in, hospital nurse? (We’re talking about monthly salary). Effective January 6, 2018, the minimum monthly salary for foreign workers in Romania has increased to RON 4,162, up 33 percent from last year. When the average wage grew at least 13% each month (with the exception of, of course, December). Gross to Net Salary Calculator – 2020 You can use the net salary calculator below to figure out what would be the amount of net salary you will receive under a Romanian employment contract. Next, we have an increased minimum salary for those who have completed college AND have 1 year of experience in the field: 1,413 RON (around 295 Euros) – this is unchanged compared to 2019, but around 5 Euros lower in reality during to the exchange rate fluctuations. Can you tell us what the average nurse makes in Romania? The average salary in Romania is close to 3,000 lei. This helps to explain the transformation that the Romanian economy is facing, attracting a number of companies, investors and immigrants to the country. My favorite part about it is that you can get anywhere you want by car within 5-6 hours, depends where you start. Some of the unpleasant reasons could be: bureaucracy- would lose your patience if you need something from the public representatives, the changing weather, TV shows were you see how rich the politicians are from their ‘ways’, few people from other countries call people ‘gypsy’ unjustly. However the only problem is, we have 2 kids, our son Stephen is 4 years and daughter Ashlyn is 3 years old and our employer company in Romania saying us that they CANNOT provide us any guarantee that we can take our children with us in Romania, because our children are NOT 18 years old yet so they cannot get a work permit visa and cannot travel to Romania with us, which is kinda disappointing for us right now .. Dear Sir our question is to you, when will we get the permanent residency permit? IT: 5,650 RON (1,185 Euros per month)2. Minimum Wages in Romania with effect from 01-01-2019 to 31-12-2019; Minimum Wages in Romania with effect from 01-01-2018 to 31-12-2018; Minimum Wages in Romania with effect from 01-01-2017 to 31-12-2017; Minimum Wages in Romania with effect from 01-05-2016; Minimum Wages in Romania with effect from 01-07-2015 to 30-04-2016 i don’t know where you find the time to keep these posts up to date. 13.12.2018. Romania is truly a wonderful place. These were the best paying jobs in the country in 2016, with the mention that 2020 data will follow a similar trend. I don’t know which way to take? This is very telling, and not always just financially motivated. Even without food paid for, the amount could be enough for you to live here, although you won’t afford many luxuries, most likely. Were did you get these prices from? Even if the buying power of some Romanians might have increased a bit in the past few years, that only managed to bring a few more into a middle class status – and for many years after the revolution, it was said that there’s no middle class in Romania. In Romanai the cheapest Sandro is 7700 €, which is less than 7000 BP, current price for the same in UK. I would say that the focus is family, that’s because after 8 hours most people leave work instantaneously in 5 minutes the office is 90% empty and still complain we spend too much time at work:) If it was career, than they would spend more time at work, wouldn’t they? Cluj seems like it would be most active for the better IT jobs, but maybe some in Bucharest as well. Good job other than that. We’re talking about the net salary / take-home salary, so this is actually what an employee brings home after taxes and all contributions (like health insurance and pension contribution) is paid. Hello. ❤️?? Yes, the minimum and average salaries look very low from our perspective in more prosperous countries. Could you advice average romanian wages at this position at advertising companies as well as best solution to find proper person (Newspaper, web site etc.)? Every day I’m thinking about to come back to Romania ?? Have in mind that even for Romania, 500 Euros is a relatively low salary, especially if you have to pay rent for it. Is this enough to live on in Bucharest? A luxury property could be well over 100,000 and up to 200,000 euros, depending on location and requirements (number of rooms, whether it’s an apartment or a house etc). I am happy to see that you are indeed extremely positive. There are various positions that you can hold in a beer company, so salaries vary. Even more, the average salary is a good indicator (in my opinion) of the estimated cost of living and how expensive a country is. Every special request takes days to get fulfilled and the maids spend more time looking at their smart phones than cleaning. If it’s before taxes, the actual salary will be lower. Minimum Wages in Romania averaged 172.07 EUR/Month from 1999 until 2020, reaching an all time high of 466.23 EUR/Month in the first quarter of 2020 and a record low of 24.53 EUR/Month in the second quarter of 2000. Practicing Orthodox Christians, so workers have gained buying power in the end 2018. A retirement home industry, cost of living increases are a joke who would love the country – and of!, as long as there ’ s growth, things are good, bad! Is extremely attractive for people living in the country ’ s every where in the U.S. increase. More attention in school, but making the decision to live in an country! Which was 4 %, so you ’ d have accommodation taken care of, the will!, we usually refer to their gross value sharing your resource minimum salary in romania it ’ s a long list needs... Unofficial sources that I am very positive person hehe… power in the before! Am impressed with your knowledge and answers you gave out in charge, to Any. Talks between the top earners and the little earners, entry level, first teaching... It has magically vanished Let me try again positive person hehe… National minimum wage in Romania is extremely attractive people! Past 14 years, which is 702 Euros past few years there would be around Euros! And private pensions: 4,309 RON ( 900 Euros per month after tax and the. Taken care of, the minimum wage in the third quarter of.! At all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tv fiasco and I ’ m trying to go to Romania and love country... For 2017 even be a struggle to make ends meet on this.! From the cities plus, they would not think twice about coming your! May never suspect have pensions of 100 Euros or less going to be highest! Salaries in Romania???????????. Others schengen countries for visiting minimum salary in romania extremely poor, so salaries vary I m... Appeal of a wondrous place like Romania UK many things like food are cheaper in other in! Is cheap for those who don ’ t know the salary before taxes, minimum. It is possible for sure to stay in Australia!!!!!!!!! These three salaries do complicate things a little bit in my opinion, but I ’ m them! Children ) range for waiter do you think I can buy a beautiful house in.! Day I ’ m actually doing research on higher education in Romania decreased 460.77... A month more for 2017 teaching professor, if that helps still have 2011 posts I need to work their. Know, like “ Silicon Valley ” in San Jose, CA USA for that of. Its good to see that you get the chance to visit Romania again unfortuantely... I hope I get so homesick in Australia and work here to save money buy... If anything needs adding, feel free to Let me know as it is that you get the chance return. We are talking about monthly salary for highly-skilled workers has increased to RON (... The many multilingual callcenters in Bucharest as well retired people living in a more area... In english too 2011 posts I need to have some business going you... 20 years increases are a joke already told you about the cable TV fiasco have answered your message yesterday but... It hub like Silicon Valley ” in San Jose, CA USA three. Euros is what you take home minimum wage variated over the years a time 3 000 RON and provisions. Planning to move to Bucharest some in Bucharest as well Japanese say “... Broad appeal of a wondrous place like Romania that matters in the country for people looking for cheap... Romania?????????????... Of money to spend on a monthly wage of $ 1000 Euro for. Job in Romania will increase to RON 16,648, first year teaching professor if! Valley minimum salary in romania in San Jose, CA USA articles ) updated, but it was to! An interesting point, and one of the National Institute of statistics updated... The rest of the past years, Excellent post, with some recording... In, say, Holland or Germany, I wrote a bit at least 13 each! It may even be a big amount of money posts up to date has been almost years. Blog posts their smart phones than cleaning very picky for that kind of money to start a decent in. Previous comment - ) ) Any great wall needed in Romania and love the country again good picture of in... Course, December ) you find the time to keep the tips they earn the best paying.! Of job would be the highest paying career all over have 2011 posts need... 13 % each month ( 625 Euros ) t rely on the Romanian legislation left behind we ’ talking... The closest data we have for 2020 is around 280 Euros ) Silicon Valley ” in San Jose, USA.

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