If they are invited to tailor the learning to their interests, decide how to approach a problem, or determine what they will create, it makes them feel valued as individual learners. Learn more about the Inspired Teaching Demonstration School. Mara earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Emerson College in Political Communication: Leadership, Politics, and Social Advocacy. It can also take the form of rewards or punishments. LaTonia has taught in grade three through six in various capacities, more recently working in the Individuals and Societies department as a Digital Literacy teacher at an IB World school and as an instructional leadership team member and grade level team leader. Participants will engage in a variety of activities, including improvisational theater exercises, lesson analysis, and reflection on current practice. The success criteria have been left blank for you to complete with your students in class. You can ask learners to do the same. He has served in “C” level positions at public, private equity and private companies in the SaaS, Management Consulting, Telecommunications and Computer Hardware industries. The concept of agency has been central to language education. Educators at all levels are asking how they can give -- or help students develop -- ownership of their learning, allowing them choice and flexibility in terms of learning environment, subject matter, pace, and more. This workshop will let you try out Inspired Teaching professional learning and discover all the courses and programs that we offer. Lead teachers gradually release all classroom responsibilities to the Fellow over the course of the year, facilitating growth in all aspects of the profession. Maria also has experience in business and law, having worked for McKinsey & Company as a strategic business consultant and for Williams & Connolly, a litigation firm in Washington, DC. I used them for listening and speaking in my language acquisition classes! AmeriCorps engages over 80,000 individuals each year, including 1,400 members in the District of Columbia. That’s neurologically proven… And in terms of basic human respect – if there’s no effort on the part of the teacher to make what you’re doing relevant to students, then you’re not recognizing students as people. She taught life skills related to HIV/AIDS both in a classroom setting and in village health clinics. Potential enrollment in AmeriCorps will not affect the application process. Under the guidance and support of an experienced lead teacher who models exceptional instructional approaches, Fellows immerse themselves in the day-to-day realities of the classroom for a full year. Introduce one to one devices or BYOD and give students the freedom to use technology in a variety of ways. Navigating the challenges of online, hybrid, or socially distanced learning means we have to be even more thoughtful about where and how we spend our time. As Instigators of Thought, they avoid spoon-feeding information to students, giving excessive instructions, or supplying answers. Mary has more than 25 years of experience in the education field, working in a variety of capacities to support educators and students and to transform K-12 teaching and learning so that it is more engaging, effective, relevant, and joyful. During her time in the classroom she served as a Smithsonian Science in Pre-K Educator and a Flamboyan Family Engagement Fellow, completing over 100 home visits and engaged with families from all 8 Wards in DC. Student agency builds the critical thinking and problem solving skills students need to thrive. Please contact us for pricing for team or school contracts. She possesses over a decade of progressive service and experience in the field of education, particularly in the areas of literacy at the elementary level, instructional leadership, and community building. We will also practice skills that are essential for facilitating these kinds of lessons in a productive and safe way. Give students choice about context or topic where possible. I love teaching writing to young children because it gives them a completely new way in which to express themselves. We will take a closer look at the Next Generation Science Standards, and use them to build engaging, student-centered, hands-on STEM lessons that promote critical thinking and content-knowledge development. The costing systems he put in place at MCI received the Enterprise Intelligence award from the software company SAS. When teachers themselves are intrinsically motivated and engaged in the teaching process, it is far more likely that they will teach in a way that nurtures intrinsic motivation within students, thereby eliminating the need for harsh, teacher-determined disciplinary procedures and fully teacher-directed and teacher-centered learning. The standards-based curriculum and student goals are centered
 on the 4 I’s: Intellect, Inquiry, Imagination, and Integrity. Appropriate for all educators at all grade levels. Distilling our thoughts on this complex topic into 140 characters was an excellent exercise, and now I’m happy to illustrate our Tweets with stories from the classrooms of Inspired Teachers. The participants were adults enrolled in an advanced ESL course in a community college in the greater San Diego area. My mind was filled with new insights and information. For three years he was on the board of Imagination Stage (IS) of Bethesda, a youth focused arts and education organization. She taught in New York City Public Schools and Montgomery Count Schools for 8 years. John also served for six years on the corporate advisory board of So Other Might Eat (SOME), the DC based poverty services organization that is greatly expanding its job training programs. Prior to her current role as the Digital Content Strategist and Research Lead at Amazon – Shanika’s experience includes serving as the Vice President of National Urban Markets Initiatives at McGraw Hill Education, the Vice President of Curriculum and Instruction at Discovery Education, the Assistant Superintendent of Elementary & Secondary Education for the D.C. State Education Office, as well as time as a School Performance Officer for DC Public Schools. All rights reserved. Create a Culture of Inquiry and Creativity. Additionally, Mara is responsible for creating a community of Inspired Teachers through her work with all of Inspired Teaching’s programs, alumni engagement, brand management, and event coordination. Elly’s recent work in Montgomery County Public schools has focused on curriculum development, school improvement and professional learning. Free to schools with Inspired Teaching alumni. What messages are we unintentionally conveying through our email or video communications with students and their families? Aleta holds a BA in Theatre Arts from Brown University, and an MS in Education and Social Policy from Northwestern University. Alternatively, you can allow them to choose the media they use to design their signs (poster with pens or an online creation tool). There’s no way to understand it. (Note the influence here of the Key Competen… LaTonia is a faculty member at Inspired Teaching. Comprised of intensive coursework and an introduction to to Inspired Teaching’s instructional model, the summer serves as a critical community building experience for the cohort. Jéri also hold a M.Ed from American University in Curriculum and Instruction with emphasis in Educational Leadership and Policy. London: Equinox. Participants will learn and practice the methods that skilled facilitators employ to engage all kinds of audiences. Instantly and easily applicable ways to develop agency – thank you! The most obvious benefit is that it encourages students to become more engaged. Dixon holds a bachelor’s degree from Spelman College, a master’s degree in education from the University of St. Thomas, and a Juris Doctorate from the Howard University School of Law. Hi, Applications are due in January. The conversation does not end here. These positive relationships help students feel supported by teachers, administrators and peers. Even though they are focused on different topics, they are still developing research skills, designing a presentation, and presenting for the class. Agency involves the initiative or self-regulation of the learner. Before joining Ashoka, Maria worked at a consulting firm serving a broad range of nonprofits organizations, including charter schools. This four-day introductory course focuses on the essential elements of leading engaging, student-centered, inquiry-based instruction, from writing lesson plans to implementing powerful questioning techniques. Instead of motivating students by external rewards or teacher demands, classrooms that cultivate curiosity and students’ love of learning deepen student growth. One of the big concerns teachers have about the upcoming school year is how they’ll get to know their students if their only encounters are through a computer screen or in-person but socially distanced. She has taught Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 3rd-5th grade English Language Arts. They’re just a set of checkboxes to you.”. Systems and processes, often formalised as in the example following, provided structure and support for independent learning. Participants will collaborate with each other and facilitators to plan for and grow equitable classroom practices through sharing, exploring, creating, and modeling new strategies. Two weeks or more before the course you may receive a 50% refund or reschedule. She earned a Master’s degree in elementary education from Teachers College, Columbia University in 2001. Excelling educators bring play-based learning into classrooms at every grade level and utilize teacher evaluation tools that value physical (and social-emotional) engagement as much as intellectual engagement. Winners work closely with the foundation to implement their ideas and are awarded up to $10,000 for the first three years of the project. As Inspired Teaching Fellows, and AmeriCorps members, Fellows are called to apply their skills and ideals toward helping others and meeting critical needs of the community. Participants will practice the art of improvisation, first theoretically, and then in relevant work situations. In this article the Douglas Fir Group's call for a transdisciplinary perspective is heeded in a Complex Dynamic Systems Theory's (CDST) conceptualization of agency. Prior to that, John spent a decade as CFO and then CEO of Quadel Consulting, a provider of services to low income housing programs. Want to add more joy to your classroom? There is value in challenging students to think through a task, assignment, or project and articulate their own path for completing that work. What I loved most about my career as an educator was that I felt inspired by my students to create lessons that were really engaging and sparked in them the curiosity, interest, and fervor to continue exploring and learning new things. Nina is the Youth Programming Coordinator for Center for Inspired Teaching. “What is student agency? Participants will come away with a concrete vision of their their own engagement-based workplace and methods they can employ to cultivate this in their offices. The school is a primary partner site for the Inspired Teaching Residency, welcoming many Inspired Teaching Fellows each year for their Residency Year. Her non-profit management work centers on managing teams to successful outcomes in fundraising, external relations, talent acquisition, talent strategy, and client management. As an English teacher, I loved reading Craig Raine’s poem “A Martian Sends a Postcard Home” with my students. Every student has the skills; it’s the teacher’s responsibility to find a  way to reach every student. Experience a truly engaging classroom as it compares to a compliance-based classroom, in order to develop an understanding of how engagement more effectively supports learning. The students were free to play and explore with different toy vehicles in the classroom with sand on the table and floor. My family motivates me, but more specifically my grandparents. Our assumptions about students often get in the way of meeting their needs. Cosby is the course creator and instructor for Real World History and also works with BLISS: Building Literacy in the Social Studies. At Teach Starter, we have a range of visible learning resources to assist you in the classroom. The application encourages educators to think about their objectives, motivations and the impact their particular plan of action will have on students. No matter how carefully a teacher picks books to include in the curriculum there will always be students who aren't excited to read them. Increase creativity & innovation in problem solving, new product development, etc. What are the benefits of promoting learner agency in the classroom? Kathryn received an M.S. We start to create this culture on the very first day of … "The Influence of Teaching Beyond … Participants will evaluate specific goals in their curriculum and explore ways to structure their time with students to efficiently maximize impact. This form of leadership can be viewed as deliberate, independent decision … In this article, the focus is on one learner’s agency on a higher education language course and the way it relates to the notion of life-long learning. For example, if we are researching Elizabethan England to complement our reading of Romeo and Juliet, I invite students to decide what aspect of that period most interests them–the plague, entertainment, fashion, gender roles, musical instruments, the monarchy–and research that topic. Your email address will not be published. Curious about how improvisational theater can add excitement and build relationships in your classroom while helping students to master content? Time: half dayAppropriate for: all educators at all grade levels. The Inspired Teaching Institute pushes teachers out of their comfort zones so they can see how they learn best – and we all learn best when we are engaged as individuals. Less than two weeks before the course you will receive a 25% refund. of individual learners emerges in university courses and what kind of agency empowers learners to face new challenges. Build engaging, student-centered, hands-on STEM lessons that promote critical thinking and content-knowledge development. If you’re an organization interested in ensuring equitable access to engagement-based teaching for every student, contact Caitlin Wolf, our Development Manager, at caitlin@inspiredteaching.org. Prior to joining staff at Haynes, Tai worked at the Children’s Defense Fund, a national child policy and advocacy organization where she served as the National Director of State Offices and Field Operations and led an 80+ person team. This workshop offers participants a framework for decision-making as they plan for the new school year, an opportunity to critically examine their practice, and concrete strategies for elevating student voice and engaging productively with students. I’m glad you found it useful! She has worked in the District as a secondary, post-secondary and adult educator for over fifteen years. Inspired Teachers teach students how to think, instead of doing the thinking for them. In addition to leading Camino Consulting, Jeffrey also serves as Adjunct Professor at American University where he designed and currently teaches a graduate class in nonprofit management. Read about metacognitive thinking or discover how to learn better through our articles, many of which have insights from experts who study learning. She received her J.D. Employees will engage in activities that shift mindsets and improve 21st century skills including critical thinking, creativity, and systems thinking. Donors Choose is an organization where educators can post projects for donors to browse and fun, including professional learning that is used to further your craft. Success in school and in the workplace requires quick thinking, constant adaptation, creativity, and a willingness to accept and build on novel – and at times, bizarre – ideas. When I work with teachers designing lessons using blended learning models, I encourage them to think about where in the lesson they can hand over decision making power to the students. Washington, D.C. educators can receive PLU hours for participating in courses. She wrote of her experience: “Everyone’s voice mattered. Empowers students to choose their final products and projects! Kathryn Eliscar enjoys making order out of chaos. Maria works with Ashoka’s Start Empathy and Youth Venture teams to bring the vision of “Everyone a Changemaker” to young people across North America. She has worked as a staff and development teacher in MCPS and as a central office specialist for the last 9 years. She earned her National Board Certification in Early and Middle Childhood Literacy in 2006. He stayed in Georgia to get his Master’s in Secondary Social Science Education at the University of Georgia. However, this one-size-fits-all approach does not encourage students to think critically about what they are being asked to do or how they would approach solving a particular problem. This culminates in a student exhibition where learners present and explain their work to the community, including parents, teachers, students and invited guests. Yes, I’ve just added a link below the image of the choice board, which should give you access so you can copy any of the parts that you’d like to use. In this 1-day course, educators will investigate various forms of authentic assessment, and how authentic assessment can be applied in their individual grades and content areas. If they can define why they are doing a task, they can also make informed decisions about what they want to produce to show they have learned. This 3-day course is built to support elementary school teachers who want to grow and enhance STEM instruction in their classrooms. She believes investing in the education of our young people is the best place to start. By the end of our discussion I had received almost more than I’d given. Information that employees get from managers can be as minimal as “good job!” and as complex as a ve-page evaluation. Giving students some agency over their learning is another simple way to increase student motivation. Greetings from Peru Teachers are always tight on time, so it is easier to tell students how to approach a task. When students are given the opportunity to provide meaningful input, they learn leadership skills like active listening, the ability to give and receive feedback, and how to pose creative solutions to complex challenges. She has held prior roles leading fundraising for Teach For America-Baltimore and leading National Talent Acquisition for Teach For America. Upon graduation, she spent one year working at DC’s first all-boys public charter school as a substitute teacher and assistant director of the after-school program. This piece – written by Aleta Margolis, Inspired Teaching’s Executive Director – appeared in Inspired Teaching’s March newsletter. Prior to her consulting work, Mary was the vice president for education at PBS, where she managed PBS’s portfolio of national digital education services and coordinated the educational initiatives of PBS and its local member stations. These all describe student agency and the idea of creating an educational environment where students drive their learning alongside their teachers. In the past our schools have catered mostly for groups of learners, … Empowering, practical, creates second order thinking. Originally from the Chicago area, she received her bachelor’s degree in Africana Studies from Oberlin College in 2019. Fellows join a national network of like minded individuals working to serve their country. In this capacity, Hetal was responsible for managing the overall growth and sustainability of the organization. I think a manageable place to start is with choice boards and allowing students to choose an activity or project from a few options. They need to own the learning. Organizations and community stakeholders partner with us in a variety of ways to advance and amplify our goal of promoting engagement-based education.

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